Does Coffee Powder Need Airtight Container ? Find Out The Answer Here!

It’s not only the taste sensation that makes almost all people in various parts of the world go crazy, it turns out that the aroma of coffee is also the main attraction for coffee connoisseurs. The reason is, the taste of a cup of coffee will not taste good if it is not accompanied by the distinctive aroma of the coffee. In fact, in general, coffee grounds that are widely sold for aroma can only last about two to three days after the coffee packaging is opened. This is what makes the packaging of ground coffee must be airtight, because coffee that has been opened is no longer as fragrant as when it was opened for the first time.

Unfortunately, until now, not many coffee businessmen have paid close attention to the details of ground coffee packaging. Although initially considered trivial, the use of airtight coffee packaging can actually maintain the quality of the taste and aroma of coffee. If you choose the wrong type of packaging material, slowly the quality of taste and the sensation of a strong coffee aroma will disappear.

For this reason, packaging is needed that can guarantee the survival of the quality of the coffee. When going to market coffee products, pay attention to the packaging you use. Choose coffee packaging that is sealed and airtight (Gas-flushed sealed foil packaging). The oxygen that enters the coffee packaging will cause the coffee to lose its aroma and taste more quickly. Airtight and sealed coffee packaging will help maintain the quality of the coffee.

When the sealing process takes place, the machine will flow nitrogen gas into the coffee packaging so that oxygen in the packaging can be removed. Thus, the freshness and quality of the coffee will be maintained and last longer. However, when the packaging seal is opened, the coffee grounds contained in the packaging will be oxidized by oxygen in the air. This is what causes the freshness of the coffee grounds to decrease.

As a producer or marketer of coffee products, you can work around this by choosing powdered coffee packaging such as a stand-up pouch packaging model with a zipper, or you can also choose coffee sachet packaging (three side seal or center seal) which is packaged with an automatic packaging machine, thus coffee powder not too long contaminated with oxygen which can eliminate its distinctive aroma. That way, the quality of the original taste of coffee can be maintained.

Well, for you coffee business people who still don’t know what kind of airtight packaging of ground coffee is. You can find out the answer through the coffee powder packaging product catalog!

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